What is the European Accord?

The European Accord grants permit holders permanent residency status in Portugal after 5 years, and will lead to Portuguese citizenship if all conditions are met.

The European Accord applies to families where one party holds a European passport and their spouse/partner is a foreign national and/or holds a South African passport. The great advantage with this accord is that residence is automatically granted to both parties for 5 years, whereas the Golden Visa and Business Development Accord options require multiple renewals.

The requirements for this programme are relatively straightforward, as an EU national has the automatic right to Portuguese residency once they have acquired a local property lease or purchase, and their accompanying spouse/partner is given certain priorities as well.

Minimum Requirements Checklist

A spouse with a valid European passport

One spouse/partner must demonstrate that they hold a valid European passport

Dependents educated in Portugal

Any dependents must be educated in Portugal to qualify for the scheme

A local residence in Portugal

A local residence must be rented or purchased in Portugal.

Foreign nationals require documentation

Foreign nationals require documentation similar to that of other accords


The time allocation for the entire process is up to 3 months


Step One

EU citizen will acquire residence within days of applying

Step Two

Foreign national will take anything up to 3 months to obtain residence.

Benefits of the Golden Visa

Invest in your family and your future.
Relatively quick

Timeline to Portugal residency is relatively quick as compared to other accords

Temporary residence

The non-EU citizen receives a 5 year temporary residence, and is thereafter eligible for permanent residence.

No requirements

No immigration requirements

Portuguese citizenship

Benefits of Portuguese citizenship are available to you after 6 years of residency

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