What is the Golden Visa?

Property investments have to date been a very sound investment, showing excellent growth and a strong yield thanks to our team’s expert knowledge of the local investment areas. Once you closely study this residence scheme, you realise that you may end up with European passports for you and your family at little to no cost, due to the capital growth of your initial property investment.

The Portuguese government introduced the Golden Visa residency scheme in 2012, as a way to encourage greater foreign investment in the country via real estate, business, and capital investments. It is a residency-through-investment visa option under which a non-EU citizen is able to gain access to Portuguese residency for themselves and their immediate family members without the inconvenience of acquiring a Schengen Visa.

The Golden Visa is similar to a Schengen Visa in that it permits visa-free travel throughout Europe, Ireland and the UK. Golden Visa holders may additionally apply for family reunification, access advantageous tax regimes, enjoy high investment returns, remain in their country of origin (if they so choose) and after 6 years have the option to obtain permanent residency or citizenship in Portugal.

Minimum Requirements Checklist

Minimum investments

Minimum investments from €350,000; investment must originate outside Portugal and come from a reliable source, such as a foreign bank.

7 Non-consecutive days in Portugal

Visa holders must be able and willing to spend 7 non-consecutive days in Portugal during the first year, and 14 non-consecutive days annually during years two through six.

Property investments must be held

Property investments must be held for a minimum of five years, after which time you are free to sell your

A clean police clearance certificate

Absence of relevant criminal conviction; a clean police clearance certificate is necessary.


The time allocation for the entire process is 6 to 8 months


Step One

Month 1 make the property investment.

Step Two

Months 2/4 obtain necessary documentation in home country.

Step Three

Months 4/6 present application to SEF, Portuguese immigration authorities.

Step Four

Months 6/8 await issue of resident card

Benefits of the Golden Visa

Invest in your family and your future.

European residency and citizenship for your immediate family.


Freedom of travel throughout the entire Schengen area.


A property investment giving growth and yield in Euros.

No requirement

No immigration requirements for you or qualifying family members

Invest today for your family's future.

Get a Golden passport for your whole family.