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Some Background

For globally minded investors a second passport offers citizenship diversity, access to international education for children & grandchildren, the freedom to travel visa-free throughout Europe, the ability to generate wealth in Euros, and alternative options in case of political or financial unrest. The majority of our clients are not interested in immigrating to Portugal, rather are seeking the security of a second passport and dual citizenship.

Portugal’s passport offers visa-free travel to over 186 countries, while South Africans may only travel to 102 countries without a visa. When you live in a country where political unrest, violence and turmoil are regular occurrences, family safety and wealth diversity becomes of utmost concern. By enrolling you and your family in the Golden Visa program, you are making a wise decision to address both of these concerns with a company that has already helped over 190 South Africans obtain Portuguese residency.

Protecting your wealth

A sound property investment

The end result of the Golden Visa process will be a sound property investment increasing and protecting your wealth (in Euros), Portugal residency rights for you and your immediate family in a stunning European country, and a simplified path to Portuguese citizenship - all with no immigration requirements.

Should you require a highly personalised service with years of experience that is completely focused on your residency or citizenship, property investment and overall management strategy in Portugal - look no further.

We believe that confidence is inspired through experience

Here at Iberian Solutions, we believe that confidence is inspired through experience, hence, we are proud of the fact that we have catered for over 200 clients, sold over 180 properties, hold a management portfolio of 40 properties and have successfully delivered over 190 Golden Visa residency permits. We believe that only the best is deserved and that the proof is in the execution. Having dealt with many-high level customers over a period of years, we are proud to say that 85% of our business is either repeat or referral, highlighting the strength of loyalty we have with our customers.

We are extremely proud of the business that we have built over the last 8 years and the relationships therein. Our team in South Africa are fully engaged to assist with the document collation necessary during your application process. Our team in Portugal is specialised to assist in all necessary procedures such as legal or tax requirements, bank accounts, fiscal matters, and all immigration documentation. Our Portugal office additionally provides an all-encompassing property service including sales, rentals, management, furnishings, refurbishment and alterations.

Supported by our partners between South Africa and Portugal, we have removed the complexity and stress from EU citizenship applications, guiding you from beginning to end. We also offer a free consultation as a friendly introduction. This will provide some insight into your needs and allow us to detail how we can help you meet those needs for yourself and your family. Contact us today


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What we do

We speak your language

We offer a personalized service with skilled and experienced staff in both Cape Town, South Africa and Lisbon, Portugal. Our team is fluent in English, Afrikaans and Portuguese to ensure a smooth passage throughout your investment and Golden Visa process.

We have experience

We have been locally involved with the property market in Portugal since 1982, making our experience second to none in this popular investment arena. In addition, we are able to offer an all-encompassing service which includes purchases, sales, rentals, management, furnishings and interior decoration.

We know what you need

Our investment and visa programs provide a fully comprehensive service throughout the initial process and well beyond. We have spent years building the right relationships with banks, lawyers, accountants, property agents and developers in order to deliver for your needs.

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